Steps to Follow : Step 1: Create and export your images
  • Each image should have a size of 640 x 480 pixels.
  • Export the images in a numbered sequence. For example, for three files, the names could be photo1.jpg, photo2.jpg, and photo3.jpg. We recommend .jpg format for photograhs.
Step 2: Create the photo slideshow file and import the images
  • Open Flash 8.0. Click on File/New. Chose the Templates tab. Select Photo Slideshows. Click on OK. You will see a ready-made Flash photo slideshow created. Press Cntrl+Enter to view the file. Press the auto play button to view the slideshow.
  • To replace the images with your own, select the bottom layer called picture layer and click on the trash can icon to delete it.
  • Create a new layer by clicking the Insert Layer button, and name this new layer My Photos. Make sure that this new layer is the bottom layer.
  • Select the first blank keyframe in the My Photos layer, select File > Import > Import to Stage, and locate your photo sequence. Select the first image in the series, click Add, and click Import. Flash recognizes that your image is part of a series and asks you to import all files in the series. Click Yes to complete the import process. Flash places each image on separate keyframes. You can move the images so they are centered in the stage or you can choose the images on the stage and make the X and Y coordinates 0 so they are centered in the stage.
  • Your images appear in the Library panel and can be replaced later if needed by double clicking on the image in the laibrary window and clicking on the import button tos elect the new image file.
  • You can safely delete the old images that were included in this document from the library if you wish, they are saved in the photos folder.
  • If you have more than four images, make sure that all the other layers have an equal number of frames. Select the frame and click on F5 to add new frames.
  • Change the captions for the images, by replacing the text in the Captions layer and adding new keyframes with text for the new images. You do not have to worry about the photo number field. The template automatically determines how many images are in your document and indicates which photo you are currently using.
  • Change the title in the Title, Date layer.
Press Ctrl+Enter to view the completed Flash Photo Slidshow. Congratulations! You have successfully created a Flash photo slideshow in a few simple steps using the in-built Flash 8.0 Photo slideshow template.
The Photo Slideshow template also has a built-in autoplay mode that automatically changes the photo after a set delay. The template is set to a default delay time of 4 seconds, but you can change this setting easily.
Steps to adjust the delay:
  • Unlock the _controller layer.
  • Select the controller component.
  • Display the Parameters tab in the Component inspector by selecting Window > Component Inspector. The Parameters tab is selected by default.
  • Select the delay and change this value to a new delay value in seconds.
  • Save and publish your document.